• Develop site placement strategy for assigned market areas
  • Provide site planning recommendations
  • Assist with deal type options and outline associated risks
  • Help clients Identify and determine properties maximum and best use

Due Diligence

  • Conduct due diligence related to City and other governmental agency development requirements
  • Prepare signage analysis outlining allowable building and product type
  • Develop project schedule and budget
  • Review and finalize topographical ALTA survey, geotechnical report and applicable environmental reports
  • Prepare development proforma
  • Prepare project Design Guidelines

Entitlements and Design Management

  • Manage consultant preparation of submittal package for all governmental approvals
  • Submit entitlement package to municipality and manage through hearings and final approval
  • Review consultant proposals for preparation of construction documents
  • Submit construction documents to municipality for approval and process through to permit issuance



We are looking forward to the opportunity to create your landscape design for your property.  We take pride in offering innovative designs, top quality design documents, and excellent customer service!   Our designs include a variety of plant selections that are native and self-sustainable with the ability to thrive in full sun or even dry shade.  Our goal is to create a beautiful landscape that is environmentally friendly and needs much less on-going maintenance.  

  • Initial Consultation.  A meeting to discuss the project scope. During this meeting we ask a series of questions that will develop the design. In addition, we ask that you have completed your design questionnaire and considered your budget.  The more information you provide, the faster and more efficient the process.  We will include a preliminary cost at this time.
  • Site Measurements & Photography.  We collect all information required to develop a base map for the property.  We document all existing conditions such as existing plantings & trees, structures, utilities, drainage, sun exposure, wind, soil type, weed problems, views and sight lines, etc. with digital photos (as needed). 
  • Base Map.  All the site measurements are entered into a design program and are CAD compatible.  The concept plan is then developed.  Planting bed areas are proposed, plants are selected and hardscape designs are proposed. 
  • Initial Concept Presentation.  Plan presented for discussion and review. We show you a picture of every plant we specify in our designs.  This gives you an idea of how the plants will look in your new landscape. Revisions are made if needed. 
  • Final Design Presentation.  The final design is presented.  Our final plan always include the following important information: plant locations, plant size, plant quantity, plant symbols, existing plants, hardscape layout, sidewalks, patios, decks, roads, utilities, house or other permanent structures, north arrow, drawing scale, etc.  

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