Studio Y Design & Development L.L.C. is a design and development-based company that was formed, in 2005, to meet the fast-growing need for urban redevelopment projects. 

Due to the influx of commercial growth, the cities are experiencing a residential real estate demand for new construction.  However, there are some large areas of the existing development within cities that have reached their maturity and require redevelopment to face the changing role of these areas based on new demographic, diversity, and economic potential.  

Studio Y Design & Developmentā€™s business venture is to explore the potential of sustainable, design-based, redevelopment through the implementation of modern infill projects to generate economic growth for the city, as well as, stimulate social enhancement for the community.

About Us

Studio Y Design & Development, L.L.C. offers a variety of services for individuals, businesses, and investors.  We are a full service company that offers the full process of building a property, from custom homes, to 100+ unit condominium projects, to commercial business buildings.  We are a one-stop shop that will work one-on-one with you to help meet and hopefully exceed your development needs.

We offer complete design services, from architecture to interior and landscape design.  We are responsible for obtaining all permits and working with the specific city/county to meet are required ordinances for buildings.  We have both residential and commercial contractor's licenses and believe in building efficient & affordable projects, and will strive to surpass expectations by coming in at or under budget, and will work to beat our own deadlines set forth for projects.

We believe in creating energy efficient buildings with environmentally sound landscaping.  It is important to create properties that make sense. Studio Y Design is a small veteran owned business, that tailors each specific project to an individual or company's needs.  We have a small team that work closely together to ensure each project is completed correctly and to the satisfaction of the client. 

Studio Y Design & Development also offers remodeling design & development services on existing structures as well.     


Our Mission

Our goal is to develop urban infill projects nationwide with contemporary design and which creates revitalization of areas requiring redevelopment, while giving home buyers, entrepreneurs, & small business owners the opportunity to diversity their asset portfolios through the use of real estate development projects nationwide.  

Our product offers flexibility that enhances the over-all feel of these communities & gives the inhabitants of these projects an understanding of architecture and interiors alike.  The development of sustainable, designed, multi-family development units is the goal of Studio Y Design & Development.  It is important to maximize consumer satisfaction, which increases investor profits for the company by creating confidence through quality development, construction and a proven process that minimizes risk. 

Studio Y Design and Development is committed to improving the sense of satisfaction and connectivity for the consumer & the surrounding community, by quantifying economic growth, with quality projects expected by cities across the nation.

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company.

ROC B-01# 301042, ROC KB-01# 302121

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